On Struggling…

I haven't been as "post happy" on social media lately as folks may have gotten used to. When I look back on this time last year, I feel like I was making the effort to flood my friends' timeline with cancer updates and uplifting reflections on my journey. Posting and writing always helped me to... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Voice in a Moment that Matters

As #blacklivesmatter has returned to headline the international stage, I've been watching the stories and trying hard to figure out where my voice fits in to this movement and this moment. If you're like me, you may see these awful events of violence against Black folks recurring all too frequently and wonder to yourself "what... Continue Reading →

My Cancer Update Videos

My brother Bobby is a talented photographer/videographer with an eye for the amazing. He and his partner Sara formed R&B Productions to share their talent with the world. Their gift to me throughout my cancer battle has been to chronicle my journey through a series of fun videos. Enjoy!

Life Lessons from Scary Movies

Y'all... Guilty pleasure confession. I LOVE scary movies! The best ones, in my humble opinion, are the ones that heavily examine the interplay between good and evil. Beyond the thrill I get from being scared, I often walk away from those contemplating some of the moral intricacies explored in these films. I watched an interesting... Continue Reading →

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