About Rachelle

I’m a 40 something Mom, Lawyer, Eternal Optimist and Stage IV Breast Cancer Warrior. I’m writing my first book “You Got This! Taking the Fear out of Cancer.” This site is where you can follow my cancer journey, read my general life blog, connect with me, and keep up with the progress on my book.

Why the name zentrified lawyer mom? I’m seeking to renovate my life space as a mom, lawyer, and breast cancer warrior by incorporating as much zen, peace, calm, intuition, and love as I can handle. I approach things with humor and look for the good, without skipping over the real. This is my journey, and I’m excited to share it with you, as I make my way! If anything I share here encourages, uplifts, informs, motivates, gives you food for thought, or makes you laugh, my work here is done

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